In the Tarot Deck, the card representing Aries is The Emperor. The represents rule over the Element of Fire and exemplifies qualities of leadership, strength, power. This card is symbolic of the combination of vibrant energy and authority. He represents actions and the exercise of one’s leadership abilities. He is logical, methodical and uses his intellect to navigate through life. As an Aries, the Emperor has the ability to examine situations from a very organized and rational perspective. He is dynamic in nature and has a distinct ability for discerning the truth. In tales of classical mythology, this card is associated with Zeus and Jupiter, Merlin, the Minotaur and Camelot’s Round Table. The credo of The Emperor is “Leadership.”
The Emperor is a member of the First Third in the Major Arcana. This represents worldly power and vast achievement but this comes at the expense of individuality and creativity. This is a card of traditional old world customs where individualism and rebellious ideas were not allowed. None the less, the Emperor card is symbolic of a clear pledge to building something worthwhile for the world as a whole. It is the decisive paternal card, indicative of the male archetype. The card signifies professional codes of conduct and focuses on purpose but in short, the complete and direct use of the Aries impulse.
The physical appearance of the card means to give subtle representation of every facet of its meaning. The rams’ heads portrayed on the card are representative of the Zodiac Sign of Aries. While the arms and head of the regal figure form an upright triangle. Moving towards the lower half of the card, the crossed legs forming the number four indicative of the Master Builder and the lamb bearing a flag at the feet of is representational of government. The scepter and cross are symbols that represent successful energy, power and authority which are items that represent the established government. The choices of colors also add to the meaning. The orange and red hues of this card denote a mix of Fire and Earth. This symbolizes realistic ideas put into action. The use of the Phoenix on the shield is a symbol of transformation through practical actions.
The Emperor represents the number four, like the month of April and is symbolic of the builder and the organizer. Four is comprised of straight lines and is a sacred number. In a divine sense, it represents law and order. This takes to the Aries warrior side and military like manner. In the material realms it represents reason and logic. This adds upon on the warrior’s strides for strategic excellence and domination. In a Tarot reading, The Emperor denotes authority and leadership, government and war, self-control and reason but also paternity. Reversed or upside down it indicates the opposite meanings mentioned above. It could indicate loss of self-control, a weak character, emotional immaturity and bears of news possible injury or theft.
The most positive element to the Aries Emperor is his willingness to jump into action and move things forward. He is a natural born leader and is always willing to take responsibility for his actions, good or bad. In Tarot readings, the Emperor can reference one’s personal power. He is there to remind you that you have the power within you and that you have the strength inside you to harness it. The Emperor also has the capacity to yield strong and powerful emotions. He can be loyal and dedicated, never failing to rise to the challenges before him and never leave someone behind. If and where he appears in a Tarot reading, can indicate the need to channel all your emotions into positive action.
The negative side to the Emperor card is his vulnerability towards dominance and the misuse of his authority. As an Aries, the Emperor can become reckless and impulsive this leads to not thinking soundly. They can be quick to start something but lack the focus to follow it through to completion. Their emotions can be overbearing and they can have fits of emotional outbursts. This often shows by anger and need. In Tarot readings, the negative side to the Emperor can refer to an inability to take responsibility for one’s actions or being at a standstill. There may also be a refusal to grow up or move forward.
In order for the Aries Emperor to remain in balance, constant self-control and patience are needed. Moderation and discipline help maintain an emotional symmetry. The Aries Emperor must learn the arduous task of controlling his emotions and moderating his own behaviors. In tarot readings, the Emperor can indicate the need to rely on one’s inner wisdom and rational voice. This is a reminder of faith in self and the need for calm. His appearance often urges one to step back and gain control over emotions and possibly rethink a situation. His is a card of the mind, always encouraging us to master our own surroundings.
There is also another card besides the Emperor that applies to Aries. As the planet Mars rules the sign what applies here also applies to Aries. In the Tarot Deck, the card representing Mars is The Tower. This represents the Fire element as the symbolic destruction of existing conditions. Remember that Fire may consume and destroy, it also purifies and renews. Mars is the War Planet, echoing the element of destruction. This is not only of environments but also of human life, it is total destruction. The Tower represents demolition of all that is dormant in the life of an individual. This could mean something holding that individual back from progressing. This card suggests that while a person might cling to what is comforting; he or she can be transformed in the name of personal growth and progress. The Tower’s numerological value is sixteen which holds the key to personal awakening.
The Tower is a member of the Last Third of the Tarot’s Major Arcana. It basically symbolizes eradication of an existing way of life. This includes beliefs or sense of security. This card demands trust and the understanding that what is lost during any period of trial and testing will be replaced by something greater once it’s over. It is indicative of a rebirth through the complete destruction of all that the individual has built so that they are forced to look beyond the surface and see the bigger picture. This card also encourages trust in a higher power but also the power found within. The card obliges the individual to heal themselves of the diseases known as stagnation and ignorance. It reminds the individual to continue evolving and growing.
The symbol of The Tower itself is also associated with physical structures. The tower represents outdated beliefs and ignorance while fire denotes destruction and the renewal of thought. The card shows the establishment falling away to the current more evolved revolution. Other forms of symbolism often depicted in the design of this card include a dragon (the purging of the inner self by fire), a dove (love, peace and female power), a lion (male power) and a snake (rebirth and transformation).
In a Tarot reading, the Tower card denotes that the selfish ambition was fruitless and that karma has returned. It also signifies conflict or unforeseen catastrophe that overthrow the current ways of life. On a more positive note, it symbolizes that such interruption will bring enlightenment and discovery in its wake. Reversed, it indicates much the same, but to a lesser degree. In this reversed position, it may also be indicative of false accusations, unjust imprisonment or oppression. It is a reminder to not become a slave to the establishment or yourself.
For the ruler of the zodiac, only two very powerful cards of the Tarot will do. This is a reminder that as Aries, you are you own worse enemy. Your natural power can made you as fast as it can break you. Keep your emotions in check and strive for balance. You are a leader and you are a survivor. Like the Phoenix you can rise again and always rebuild.

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